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Home gyms have become a common feature over recent years and it’s not just those in sprawling mansions that have them, but even those in living in small apartments. In the UK the popularity of home gyms seems to have stemmed from one key thing: the weather. Many people chose running and cycling as their preferred form of exercise however frequent rain and cold spells mean that this can be difficult outside and it can even be a handy excuse not to participate. Therefore, installing a home gym means that a consistent exercise routine can be maintained regardless of the weather. Moreover, the state of the UK economy has inevitably affected the amount of money that people are able to spend on luxuries such as gym memberships and with the average cost at approximately £60 a month, many people have turned to the cheaper alternative that is installing a home gym. Other reasons for having gym equipment at home include not having to wait to use equipment and people’s confidence. Many female gym-goers are conscious about being watched while they work out at the gym and feel embarrassed about getting sweaty.

In 2001, Howard Braband took the decision to set up his own company selling commercial gym equipment – Gymkit UK. He did so after setting up a gym in his own home and finding that home use gym equipment could not withstand his exercise routine. Howard therefore decided to purchase a second hand treadmill from a local health club and give it a makeover himself. The result was a fully functioning treadmill of better quality that suited his needs much better. Ever since, Gymkit UK have been providing refurbished pre-owned gym equipment at affordable prices. Over the years, they have built up solid relationships with numerous health clubs and gyms across the UK and they therefore receive vast amounts of stock frequently. This means that Gymkit UK are always able to source the specific piece of gym equipment that the user is looking for.  Furthermore, the company has evolved in to an international company, exporting all over the world to countries such as Hungary, Poland and Romania. They also supply wholesale to over 50 retailers including companies such as John Lewis.

As well as relying on their solid reputation, Gymkit UK sell their products via their website, eBay and Amazon. Based in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, their premises included a showroom open to the public as well as a warehouse that stocks over 5000 items. Gymkit UK's showroom allows their customers to try before they by as well as the opportunity to ask Gymkit UK employees advice and information about the equipment and/or exercise regimes. The vast majority of the staff employed by Gymkit UK come from a fitness related background and can therefore provide quality advice regarding products and types of exercise. Furthermore, Managing Director Howard Braband has worked in health clubs his entire life.   

The most common items that Gymkit UK holds in stock include treadmills, cross trainers, rowing machines and exercise bikes. They also sell other fitness related equipment in abundance including the V plate range, nutrional goods and lockers. When stock arrives at Gymkit UK’s premises, fully qualified service engineers fully service and clean equipment to ensure that it is in full working order. As well as the general public, some gyms and leisure clubs opt to purchase second hand gym equipment for cost reasons and Gymkit UK are therefore able to tailor aesthetics of the apparatus to the gyms needs. The fully qualified service engineers are also involved in the delivery of items across the UK and therefore install upon request. A 3 year warranty is provided with all pre-owned fitness equipment sold however should any repairs be necessary, Gymkit UK aims to have an engineer with the customer within 48 hours.  

In more recent years, Gymkit UK has also become the sole UK distributer for Teeter inversion equipment. This is a type of home use equipment designed to relieve back pain, improve joint health, build and tone muscle and increase flexibility. This has proven to be an extremely successful branch of the business and as the Teeter range is sold as new the delivery time can be as quick a next day.  

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