It Takes Time To Get Some Things Right

We’ve been servicing, refurbishing, and maintaining gym equipment for more than a decade. We’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way. We’ve worked incredibly hard to continually improve the way we do things, constantly reviewing our systems and procedures, finding ways to do things better. To get things right.

Gym Equipment Refurbishment

Refurbishment Process

Our machines don’t just get a quick surface clean and polish. We have developed some of the best quality control checks in the industry.

Every machine is assigned to one of 15 trained refurbishment Engineers. Following a 25 point refurbishment check sheet our Engineer will strip the machine down to its frame, every bearing, cam, pulley and motor is checked, replaced or repaired where necessary. Frames are cleaned, and typically re-sprayed using specialist rust proofing spray, and finishing lacquer in our purpose built spray booth. We check the software and ensure correct calibration. We know it doesn’t pay to cut corners.

Finally every piece of refurbished fitness equipment is passed to our QC Supervisor. The check sheet is reviewed and the machine is spot checked to make sure nothing is missed. It is then tested to ensure every button, programme, and function is working as it should.  Our treadmills for example are tested for 20 minutes before being sent out – we even run on the machine for 5 minutes to make sure it’s ready for use.

It’s this level of detail that sets us apart from most others, and ensures that our customers get what they expect.

Gym Equipment Servicing

Authorised Service Team - Trained By The Manufacturers!

Our Gym Equipment Servicing Team are trained directly by many of the UKs leading gym equipment manufacturers.

We are also the preferred gym equipment servicing company for many of the UK’s leading health club chains, Local Authorities, Trusts and emergency services such as Cambridgeshire Police.

Our call out time for commercial customers is typically less than 48 hours, and our telephone diagnosis service ensures a first time fix rate that is higher than the industry standard.

If you want your machines and equipment to last as long as possible without requiring another repair/service then it is important to ensure that you take care in choosing a company trained and experienced with gym equipment servicing. Our gym equipment service team are unparalleled and unmatched. We go to great pains to ensure that your most used machines, like treadmills and steppers, are in full working order as quickly as possible whilst still taking great care. The last thing you want is something to go faulty right when a rush comes in, and we know this. All of your fitness equipment servicing needs will be met; you can rest assured of that.

We repair gym equipment that’s been through the ringer all the time, so we know what your job requires, even if you don’t. Gym equipment servicing and repair needs to be fast, reliable, and resilient - We deliver all of that for you. If you have any gym equipment that requires servicing or repair then please get in touch.

PAT Testing by Gymkit UK

We all have a responsibility to insure we provide a safe environment for those using our facilities, whether employees, customers or friends. While not all of your equipment will require an electrical current to work, the machines that do will most likely need PAT testing.

Failure to comply with Government regulations surrounding PAT testing can still result in hefty fines and in the most serious of cases, imprisonment. Insurance companies will typically expect you to provide evidence of PAT testing.

Gymkit UK is pleased to offer high quality, affordable and fully HSE compliant PAT testing as part of its servicing and installation packages. Call us now on 0845 485 1081 for a free consultation regarding any PAT testing you might need.


We were extremely impressed by the precision and care taken to install the Queenax rig. It was built-up systematically in a tight space. We are delighted with it – and am very grateful to you for working through the challenges that such a tight space presented.

David Johns - Partnership Manager for Active Nation

Gym Relocation

We have a specialist installation team that are able to carry out a relocation for all types of gym equipment, from one treadmill to an entire gym. We're trusted by many of the leading gym and health club chains for gym relocations across the country. Please contact us today for a free quote

25 Point Checklist

  1. Take off hood. Vacuum all dust. Blow out
  2. Check hood for Crack/damage. Repair/replace if necessary
  3. Track Belt
  4. Clean and Steam
  5. Remove end caps, replace if necessary
  6. Remove side panels and clean underneath
  7. Check decking, flip or replace as necessary
  8. Check mains lead for damage, replace if needed
  9. Check front wheels are complete and working
  10. Check two rear feet are intact
  11. Make sure the feet are balanced and level
  12. Blow out fly wheel
  13. Check console arms and frame for damage
  14. Smooth down any rough edges & rust, spray in needed
  15. Check Heart Rate function, fix is necessary
  16. Secure Heart Rate sensors
  17. Check all console overlay buttons are responding
  18. Check all stop buttons
  19. Give all areas of the machine an industrial clean
  20. Check all lighting figures and screens
  21. Replace rusted bolts/screws
  22. Ensure all bolts are tight and secure
  23. Give the machine a full 5 minute run, testing all features
  24. Turn the machine on and off 3 times to ensure no power failure
  25. Test battery - Charge if necessary

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