Free Gym Equipment for Schools

Get free gym equipment for your school with Gymkit UK. With our step-by-step guide and support, you’ll have everything you need to successfully secure a grant and help your students excel at sports. Take advantage of this opportunity to transform your school into a dynamic, active, and health-conscious community.

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Gym Equipment for Schools

Worried About the Complexity of Accessing Government Funding? Fear not!

Don't worry about navigating complex processes or paperwork. By partnering with Gymkit UK and exploring the diverse funding options available, you can easily enhance your school’s physical education programs and provide students with access to high-quality fitness and sports equipment.Our guide breaks down the process into simple steps. Find everything you need to know about securing grants for free school gym and fitness equipment right here.

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What Our Customers Say

First class customer service

“First class customer service. A minor issue was sorted out immediately, thank to Kerri. Great product too which was delivered quickly. Highly recommend.”

- JB Walker

Amazing service

“Buying online can be very impersonal and you have to trust what you see is what you will get. GymKit uk have been brilliant with both of my purchases. Constant updates of progress and when faced with an obstacle I had other choices immediately offered. Sarah has been fantastic and could not of done any more for me. Amazing communication and I felt valued. Sarah deserves a thank you”

- B Brammer

Excellent all round!

“Steve and his team were beyond accommodating for our recent barbell purchase. Our order came quickly and efficiently and we could not recommend them enough! We will definitely be back when we are in the market for new gym equipment.Thank you!!”

- Chloe

Why is Sport and Fitness Important to Schools?

Inspire a Lifelong Interest in Sports

Engaging children in sports and fitness activities at an early age lays a solid foundation for a lifelong interest in sports. By exposing students to a variety of physical activities, teachers can help them discover their passions and talents. Sports participation fosters teamwork, leadership and social skills, promoting positive relationships and a sense of belonging among students. The enjoyment and satisfaction derived from physical activity at an early age can translate into a lifelong commitment to staying active and pursuing sports as a leisure activity or even a career.

inspire fitness in school

Why Promote Fitness in Schools?

Ofsted considers the promotion of fitness and physical education as integral components of a school's overall effectiveness and its ability to provide a high-quality education. Here's why promoting fitness is important to Ofsted:

  • Wellbeing and personal attainment
  • Personal development, behaviour and welfare
  • Safeguarding and health
  • Curriculum and broadening experiences

Whether you're a seasoned administrator or new to funding applications, we streamline the process, making it a breeze for you to secure the financial resources your school needs. From eligibility criteria to application submission, we've got you covered.

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Fitness in Schools

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Frequently Asked Questions

What grants are available for free school gym equipment?

When it comes to funding for fitness and sports equipment, schools in the UK have various options to explore.

  • Department for Education (DfE) Funding
  • Local Authority Funding 
  • National Lottery Funding
  • Corporate Sponsorship and Partnerships
  • Sports-Specific Funding Bodies

The Sport England Funding Finder is also a useful resource that provides information on funding opportunities for schools and community organisations.

How does the process work?

Simply book a call with our team today and we’ll organise a call with one of our funders. We’ll get to know a bit about your school to find out your eligibility. From there, we can partner you with a suitable funder to give you the best chance of securing a grant.

Can you apply for a grant on our behalf?

We can offer you a free, no-obligation consultation with a funder to help you secure the best equipment for your school. To organise your call, contact the Gymkit UK team on: 01733205551 or email [email protected].