Teeter Inversion

Our day-to-day lives and lifting heavy in the gym both contribute to back pain and later on, back problems. It’s an unfortunate repercussion to living a  healthy lifestyle, and stretching, yoga, and massages may not always be enough - you could even have to look at surgery to repairing the damage from the aches and pains.

However, GymkitUK stock a range of backcare equipment that you can store in your gym, sports facility or even home, to help prevent a need for surgery - and help improve back strength and mobility, as well as release any built up tension. Teeter Inversion Boards are FDA cleared to treat back pain and other common causes like herniated discs, sciatica, degenerative disc disease and more.

We stock a selection of the best Teeter Inversion Tables available in the UK, all at a cost-effective price to ensure you are getting the best available product to meet your budget. Speak to us today and we can work together to supply you with the best backcare equipment in the UK.

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